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Best Retail Outlet (Novelty & Apparel)
Best Erotic Writer
Best Public Relations Firm
Best Trans Content Creator Performer
Best BBW Content Creator Performer
Best Content Creator Performer
Best New Business (Open Less Than a Year)
Best Supporting Business
Best Social Media Influencer
Best Educator Website
Best ASN Lifestyle Magazine 2023 Cover
Best Adult Mag - (NOT ASN LS MAGAZINE)
Best Entertainer
Best DJ
Best Entertainment Venue/Club
Best Travel Agency
Best Tradeshow / Expo / Convention
Best Bi Event
Best Entertainment Podcast
Best Photographer / videographer
Best Educator
Best Adult Toy Company
Best Adult Takeover
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ASN generic award show.png
Best Brothel United States
Best Brothel  Courtesan 
Best Female Pornstar 
Best Male Pornstar 
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